Come on, it’ll be fun || Scott & Isaac

The week after the big game, everything at school settled back to normal.
In Beacon Hill people never took long time to let the sorrow about murdered people, animal attacks or drowned students hinder them away from their dayly life. With every new day without any incident everyone started to forgett.

Isaac sat in class, staring blurly to the front. He tried not to listen to close to the unnerving chatter around him, concentrated instead towards the sound of wind in the trees, outside the school, wishing school was over already.
He wanted to get outside.
Though he knew, that he should pay attention to grab what information he needed to pass class.
His chores were low. Dangerously low.
Well, he was not as bad as McCall in school at the moment, but he should try to do better. Coach Finstock had an eye on him too, after all.

A relieved breath escaped him the very second class ended.
It took him less then a few seconds to cramp together his belongings and leaving the room.
His feet send him towards the parking lot in blind trust, knowing their way.
Other students followed his direction, rushing by him or standing in the hallways talking about whatever they cared about. He didn’t pay more attention to things that didn’t matter to him.